LYTO is a company operating in the fields of gaming and film. Originating as an online game publisher in Indonesia, LYTO was founded in 2003 by Andi Suryanto. The company's headquarters are situated in Jakarta, Indonesia.

As a pioneer in the Indonesian gaming industry, LYTO has garnered a player base of over 30 million from across the country. Since 2019, LYTO has expanded its ventures into film production under the brand LYTO PICTURES.

The first film produced by LYTO was "DREADOUT, " which originated from an Indonesian game and achieved box office success with over 800,000 viewers. In the following year, LYTO PICTURES continued its success with the film "PAMALI, " drawing an audience of more than 880,000 in 2022, and "PAMALI: DUSUN POCONG, " which attracted over 1.6 million viewers in 2023.